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24 April 2009 @ 01:54 am
an emotion is a feeling amplified, a strangely comforting zone i think i sometimes over-indulge in. when its just me and my thoughts alone at night,  i just reach out and feel everything and anything. it's a very personal undescribeable moment, yet when i snap out of it, the details i imagined vividly in my mind just get glossed over and they suddenly feel so minute and insignificant and redundant.

which explains why i should now realise that emotions are distracting episodes that hinder me from getting work done and put certain songs on loop as i allow it to tug repeatedly at my heart strings.

i abruptly put my emotive side away on monday with the onset of stress from preparation for mid-semester tests. it only just occured to me that i no longer could feel those things i did days ago, as if everything's okay, as if it was just my heart playing up the possibilities and my mind spinning tales, as if i harped on something i had missed, just for the sake of it...
16 May 2008 @ 05:30 am
Serene are the early hours of the dawn as the world outside slows to a quiet hum and the night sinks into a slumber.

There's comfort in the darkness and deafly silence of the morning, sitting up here in my spacious room, music streaming softly from my aged machine with only my desk light on.

The temperature today morning is surprisingly kind for a seemingly cold 13 degrees morning (according to the firefox weatherman) and trees swaying and leaves rustling outside. If only time will stop for this beautiful moment so the world never awakes to chase in another hectic day...